2017 Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award

Lee Greenholtz 



2017 recipient of the Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award

This award is presented to recognize a professional nurse who through various professional activities in leadership and mentoring roles displays professionalism through effective communication of the vision and mission of professional nursing, advocacy and support for patients and staff, and whose leadership qualities demonstrate such exemplary practice as to merit recognition from peers and other professional colleagues.

Selection Criteria:

  • Knowledge of nursing leadership principles
  • Sharing the vision and mission of professional nursing
  • Advocacy and support for patients and staff
  • Encouraging participation by others in decision-making processes
  • Valuing feedback from all levels of the organization
  • Advancing nursing through innovative ideas and initiatives
  • Teaching by example
  • Providing advice, counsel and support
  • Facilitating professional development

The 2017 Nurses’ Week Awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 10th from 3-5pm in the Millberry Union Conference Room on the Parnassus campus of UCSF Medical Center. 


2017 Joanna Briggs Institute Comprehensive Systematic Review Training

The UCSF JBI Centre is committed to advancing patient care by teaching JBI comprehensive systematic review (CSR) methods. The CSR workshop will enable learners to transform a particular clinical problem/interest into a systematic review that will be published by JBI and used to support global efforts to improve healthcare, patient, and family outcomes.

2017 Series Dates

  • March 13-17, 2017
  • April 24-30, 2017
  • June 12-16, 2017
  • August 14-18, 2017
  • September 25-29, 2017

For more information, see our CSR Training Program flyer.