Perioperative Care

UCSF provides neonatal and pediatric surgical services at its Mission Bay campus and surgical services for adults at all three campuses: Mission Bay, Mount Zion, and Parnassus. 

Pediatric/Neonate surgical services at Mission Bay include: cardiac, thoracic, vascular, orthopedic, spine, otolaryngology head and neck surgery (OHNS), oralmaxilla, plastic, general, gynecological, genitourinary, neurological, kidney and liver transplant, and fetal surgery. Mission Bay adult surgical service specialize in oncology and include:  orthopedic, OHNS, Oralmaxilla, plastic, general surgery, gynecology, and genitourinary.

The Mount Zion campus serves adults (18 years or older) receiving outpatient procedures.Surgical services performed at Mount Zion include: OHNS, endocrine, plastics, breast, colorectal, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, and gynecological.

The Parnassus campus provides adult surgical services including: Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular, OHNS, Oralmaxilla, Opthalmologic, Plastic, Orthopedic, Neurological, General Surgery, Genitourinary, and Transplantation of Hearts, Lungs, Kidneys, and Livers.

UCSF surgical nurses are trained specialists in the procedures they assist with. They have gone through advanced training in their surgical specialties, so they are equipped to provide the best possible patient care. Many of these nurses have specialty certifications and advanced competencies to care for complex patient such as those under-going complex cardiac and transplant procedures.

All UCSF perianesthesia (pre-operative and recovery room) nurses are Critical Care Nurses who specialize in pain management and the care of surgical patients recovering from the effects of anesthetic drugs. They are all ACLS certified and, if they care for children, are also PALS certified. Many of these nurses have additional specialty certifications.

Surgical and Perianesthesia nurses participate in a variety of councils to improve patient care, further nursing practice and research, the professional development of their staff, as well as support the diverse needs of our patient populations and their families.