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UCSF JBI Centre for Evidence Synthesis and Implementation 2019 UCSF External JBI Clinical Fellows Application

Program Purpose

This six-month program is designed for nurse clinicians, managers, educators, and researchers who want to explore strategies that promote effective evidence implementation.  Two week-long intensive workshops will be conducted at the UCSF JBI Centre for Synthesis and Implementation in San Francisco, California.  In the intervening months between the workshops, participants will create and launch an Evidence Implementation Project at their home institution.   Participants must have access to a clinical site for their implementation project.

 This program offers participants guided opportunities to explore the literature and to acquire skills in the JBI Practice Application of Clinical Evidence Systems (PACES) and Getting Research into Practice (GRIP) software.  The program culminates with the publication of each participant’s Evidence Implementation Report in the JBI journal.  Successful completion of this program entitles participants to become certified JBI Clinical Fellows.      

 The overall objectives of this program are to:

 1.             Teach participants critical elements of evidence implementation, namely:  developing a project protocol; developing mastery of PACES and GRIP JBI software; launching and evaluating an evidence implementation project at one’s home institution; and disseminating project findings through manuscript writing and dissemination. 

2.             Develop and hone participants’ leadership skills that are necessary to implement and sustain a successful evidence implementation project. 

3.             Develop and hone participants’ analytical thinking and writing skills that can improve patient, family, and system outcomes.

4.              Foster participants’ professional growth and development.

2019 Program Dates

Week 1 June 24-28, 2019

Week 2 October 21-24, 2019

Application Deadline May 17, 2019

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Program Fees

The fee for the UCSF JBI Clinical Fellows program is $1100 for Centre Partners (UCSF School of Nursing, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center [ZSFGH], Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing [SMU], University of San Francisco [USF], and Chamberlain College of Nursing) and $3600 for all others. Invited fellows from UCSF Medical Center participate at no cost. Fees paid cover the 2 week-long workshops (with lunch provided each workshop day), course materials, and 45 contact hours (CEs) for the two weeks.  Funding for the UCSF JBI Clinical Fellows Program will be the responsibility of the participant’s home institution.  Participant salary, housing, travel to and from the workshops, and any other expenses incurred by the Fellow are not included in the program fee.  There are some discounted and short-term housing solutions near the UCSF JBI Clinical Fellows training site, but these arrangements must be made by the participant’s home institution in advance: (http://campuslifeservices.ucsf.edu/housing/services/off_campus_housing/short_term_housing).   

In planning for the JBI Clinical Fellows Program, home institutions are encouraged to plan for at least 12 hours of paid time each month for five months for each Fellow to work on their evidence implementation project, as well as any Clinical Coach time that is required.  Additionally, in order to receive the JBI Clinical Fellows medallion and have one’s name entered on the JBI Clinical Fellows Honour Board at the JBI World Headquarters in Adelaide, Australia, the Clinical Fellow must have their implementation report submitted to JBI for publication by December 14, 2019.  Clinical Fellows who have successfully completed the program will receive their medallion at the annual Clinical InQuERI Conference held in San Francisco, California on February 2020.

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Fellow Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Interest in learning about and creating an evidence implementation project in one’s home institution. 

  2. Completed support forms from both:

    1. Clinical Coach (Appendix B)

    2. Supervisor/Unit Director (Appendix C)

  3. Interest in one of the pre-identified clinical issues (see Appendix D)

Clinical Coach Eligibility Criteria

A Clinical Coach functions as a sponsor for each JBI Clinical Fellow and will work closely with the Fellow to ensure that the evidence implementation project follows the necessary timeline in order for the Fellow to be successful in the program.  UCSF Invitational JBI Clinical Fellows will utilize UCSF EBP Clinical Coaches.  Clinical Coaches may be called upon to assist in the following ways: 

·         Guidance in reviewing and critiquing project-related literature

·         Assistance with project scope and strategies to implement the evidence implementation project

·         Support throughout the project

UCSF Medical Center 2019 EBP/JBI Clinical Coaches Roster

The following clinical leaders have completed the EBP Clinical Coaches’ Course and may be available to serve as coaches in the EBP/JBI Clinical Fellows Program:

Susan Barbour, Palliative Care CNS

Robin Bisgaard, ICN CNIV

Lindsay Bolt, Adult Acute & Transitional Clinical Nurse Educator

Sarah Brynelson, Pain CNS

Mark Ciano, Stoke Coordinator

Amy Larsen, Adult Critical Care CNS

Lori Fineman, Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care CNS

Melissa Lee, Adult Acute & Transitional Care CNS

Michelle Macal, Adult Acute & Transitional Care CNS

Barbette Murphy, Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse, Med/Surg & TCU

Sherrie Nameth, Pediatric Critical Care Clinical Nurse Educator

Dawn Pizzini, Pediatric Acute & Transitional Care Clinical Nurse Educator

Anjal Pong, Pediatric Operating Room Clinical Nurse Educator

Mary-Ann Rich, Adult Operating Room Clinical Nurse Educator

Bobby Robertson, Lead Wound and Skin Care Nurse

Ben Tanner, Emergency Department CNS

Lisa Tsang, Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse, Hematology/Onc/BMT

Application Process

All components of the UCSF External JBI Clinical Fellows Application must be received on or before May 17, 2019 to be considered for the 2019 UCSF JBI Clinical Fellows Program.

Participant’s JBI Clinical Fellows Program Application, which includes:

  1.    Signed and completed Clinical Fellows Application Form (Appendix A)

  2.    Signed and completed Coach Support Form (Appendix B)

  3.    Signed and completed Supervisor/Unit Director Support Form (Appendix C)

  4. Check or credit card payment for program fee

Please note our payment and cancellation policy:

 ·         Payment must be made 30 days prior to workshop commencement

·         Cancellations received more than 15 days before the workshop will result in a full refund, less an administrative fee of $100 USD/person

·         Cancellations received 7-14 days before the workshop will result in a 50% refund, less an administrative fee of $100 USD/person

·         Cancellations received less than 7 days before the workshop or non-attendance will result in no refund

·         The registration fee covers both workshop weeks and no refund will be given in the event of non-attendance at one of the workshops