Implementation of a Mobility Reminder Card at The Point of Care

By CHAN Ka Lai, Carrie, RN, BSN, Ward 31/F, Semi-Private Ward


Early mobilization, such as physical activity is important for both medical and surgical patients. Nurses and physiotherapist have limited opportunities to discuss progress of patients during clinical practice.

Purpose and Problem Statement

Does the implementation of a mobility reminder card at the point of care increase nursing staff confidence in mobilizing patients?

Implementation Plan

Colored assistance reminder card attach to walking aids by physiotherapists, which allow health care staff to understand how much assistant the patient is needed when mobilizing. The card has 4 categories: assist with 1 person, assist with 2 persons, no assistance or with physiotherapist only. The physiotherapist also standardized their documentation on such mobilization need.


Nurses’ confidence in making decisions regarding their own patient’s mobility did not improve.

Nurses’ confidence in making decisions regarding mobility for unfamiliar patients improved.

Almost 70% of nurses agreed the mobility reminder card was useful in making decisions regarding a patient’s mobility.

Recommendations and Next Steps

Further raise the awareness for the nursing team regarding the importance of patient mobility.

Further education to the nursing team regarding the mobility reminder card.