Enhancing Medication Safety through High-Fidelity Simulation Training

It has been proven that students who received simulation-based training show statistically significant improvement in cognitive knowledge, both in the clinical and non-clinical settings. The aviation industry is a classic example of a field where simulation has been used for many years.  Key to simulation is providing a realistic and safe environment for practice and to learn new procedures or to test new devices or workflows. The more realistic (or high fidelity) the scenario, the more the learner can immerse themselves into the situation. 

UCSF Medical Center Patient Care Services is in the process of training staff to prepare for the transition from a paper based Medication Administration Record (MAR) to an electronic MAR or eMAR with barcode scanning. This transition must not only be smooth, but also cannot compromise patient safety related to medication administration errors. To address this, traditional methods of online learning modules and classroom training have been supplemented with mandatory simulation learning. 
The simulation team has developed a simulation area with patient rooms, medication areas, and separate debriefing rooms. The curriculum and room set up, using high fidelity manikins, create a realistic -- yet safe environment -- for clinicians to simulate medication administration using eMAR and barcoding.

Simulation Team

  • Craig Johnson, RN, MSN, FNP, Patient Care Services Clinical Information Coordinator
  • Daphne Stannard, RN, PhD, CCRN, CCNS, FCCM, Associate Chief Nurse Researcher and Perianesthesia Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Adam Cooper, RN, MSN, Nurse Educator
  • Melissa Lee, RN, MS, GCNS-BC, Med / Surg Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nina Manke, RN, MSN, Simulation Lab Coordinator
  • Sandy Ng, RN, MSN, RN-BC, Patient Care Services Clinical Information Coordinator
  • Maureen Buick, RN, MS, Director of Nursing Education and Performance Improvement

Simulation Videos

  • eMAR / BCMA Sim Lab Video
  • Local news coverage of UCSF Sim Lab