Nurse Week Awards 2011

UCSF Nursing annually recognizes the amazing efforts of nurses throughout the institution. Awards are presented to winners at a ceremony during the nationally recognized Nurse Week. Congratulations to the distinguished Nursing award winners!

The complete list of 2011 Nursing Award Recipients:

  • Distinguished Nurse Award - Kathleen Bowman, RN, BS, CCRN-CMC from 9/13 ICU
  • Excellence in Acute Care - Bernadine Garrett-Hines, RN from 5 E/W
  • Excellence in Advanced Practice Nursing - Outpatient - Barbara Bratton, MSN, PNP from the Fetal Treatment Center
  • Excellence in Advanced Practice Nursing - Inpatient - Susan Barbour, RN, CNS, NP
  • Excellence in Ambulatory Nursing – (shared): Michael Shields, RN from Cancer Center & Kathie Buchanan, RN from General Internal Medicine
  • Sheila Mann Excellence in Cardiovascular Nursing - Cathy Stone, RN  from PCICU
  • Excellence in Community Service - Maria Lourdes “Malou” Bayog, RN, from 9/13 ICU
  • Clifford K. & Avola Wilson Memorial Award for Excellence in Critical Care Nursing - Charlotte Garwood, RN from 9/13 ICU
  • Excellence in Leadership - Patricia Mahoney RN, CCRN from 10ICC
  • Excellence in Mentorship (shared) - Don Ino, RN from 9L & Susan Kahn, RN from 8/11 NICU
  • Helen Ripple Award for Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing - John Pearson, RN from 8/11 NICU
  • Jeanne Yalon Award for Excellence in Oncology Nursing - Paula Loeffler, RN from Ambulatory Infusion Center
  • Excellence in Patient Safety - Leeda Dudley, RN , from 9/13 ICU
  • Excellence in Pediatric Nursing - Rudolph Pacol, RN from 6 PICU
  • Excellence in Perinatal Nursing - Meghan Mullen, RN from 15L Coordinator from ACC- Surgery
  • Excellence in Perioperative Nursing - John Trix, RN, NP from Prepare Clinic
  • Excellence in Transplant Nursing - Laurie Carlson, RN, MSN, Transplant Nurse
  • Colleague of Nursing Award - Dan Henroid, Director of Nutrition and Food Services
  • Service Excellence - Lisa Tsang, RN, MN, APN from 7L