Daisy Award Winners since 2010

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses was established by the DAISY Foundation (Foundation for the elimination of Diseases Attacking the Immune System) in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. The Award is given to honor, recognize and express appreciation for the extraordinary work that nurses do every day.

Listed below are the UCSF Nursing Daisy Award winners since June / July 2010:

  • Elspeth Connatty, 15L
  • Holly Daniels, ICN
  • Lori Dawson, 9/13 ICU
  • Louise Dowd, 8/11 NICU
  • Sara Flores, 15L
  • Janet Hecht, 7 PCICU
  • Tanya Jakobsen, Endoscopy
  • Salamah Locks, 10CVT
  • Casey Madison, ICN
  • Joseph McGee, 9/13 ICU
  • Gorettee Mock, ICN
  • Anne Murphy, 5N
  • Elaine O’Donoghue, 7N
  • Reena Patel, ICN
  • Natalie Peters, 9/13 ICU
  • Sharon Rimando, 9/13ICU
  • Hope Simmons, Pediatric Resource Team
  • Lori Walker, 9/13ICU