Nursing Awards 2019

Happy 2019 Nurses Week and congratulations to all of our 2019 Nursing Awards nominees and winners! Click here for the 2019 Nurses Week Awards album. 

Excellence in Acute & Transitional Care Nursing Award

Winner : Theresa Han, RN, BSN, CN III - 7 Long Musculoskeletal

Vicki Zahos, RN, CN II, 8S Surgical TCU
Monica Leonor, RN, CN II, C5 MSP
Eugene Ramos, RN, CN II, 13L General Surgery

Excellence in Advanced Practice Nursing Award

Winner : Chrissie Smith, RN, CWOCN, CNS, WOCN, Benioff Children's Hospital

Jennifer Osborn, MS, FNP, NP, Primary Care
Dereck Ko, NP, Heme/BMT Clinic

Ambulatory & Home Health Nursing Award Winner

Winner: Jacquelyn Shadmand, BSN, RN, Nurse Coordinator, Fetal Treatment Center


Sheila Mann Excellence in Cardiovascular Nursing Award

Winner : Susan Woodard, MSN, RN, NP-C, AACC, NP Supervisor, Cardiac Stress Testing Lab



Colleague of Nursing Award

Winner : Naveen Swami, MD, Pediatric CT Attending Surgeon, CT Surgery, Benioff Children's Heart Center

Dreama Messore, BSN, RN, MS, Case Manager
Andrew Hudak, MA Supervisor, Cancer Center
Tamara Williamson, Hospital Unit Services Coordinator, Float Pool
Michael Eckenrode, HUSK, HUSC C5
Mari Del Castillo, PCA, ICN


Clifford K. and Avola Wilson Memorial Excellence in Critical Care Nursing Award

Winner:  Liz (Elisita) Medalle, RN, CN II, ICN

Stephanie Ow, RN, CN II, Pediatric OR


Helen B. Ripple Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing Award Winner

Winner: Ivy Wong, RN, CN III, Neuro IR

Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award

Winner: Flo Agudelo, BSN, RN, BMTCN, Unit Director, 11/12L

Annou Davi, RN, CN III, Central Resource Group
Marueen Boberg, RN, CN III, Mt. Zion Cancer Center- Interventional Pulmonology
Tricia Estacio (Maxfield), RN, Nurse Manager, Parnassus Infusion Center
Meg (Margaret) Wheeler, RN, MS, Manager of Care Transitions, Office of Population Health & Accountable Care
Paula Williams, BSN, RN, PCCN, Unit Director, 14M Medical Surgical Unit


Jeanne Yalon Excellence in Oncology Nursing Award

Winner:  Kathy Ho, RN, CN III, C6 HemeOncBMT

Excellence in Perinatal Nursing Award

Winner: Samantha Wynn, RN, CN II, ICN

Excellence in Community Nursing Award 

Winner: Elisabeth Gundersen, RN MS, ANP-BC, CHPN, CN II, 9/13 ICU

Theresa Garrety, RN, CN II, ICN

Excellence in Perioperative Nursing Award

Winner: Jennifer Shaull, RN, CN III, ML Perianesthesia

Stephanie Ow, RN, CN II, Pediatric OR

Distinguished Nurse Award

Winner: Amy Kangwankij, BSN, RN, CN III, C5 TCUP

Kathy Ho, RN, CN III, C6 HemeOncBMT
Rachel Perry, RN, Nurse Coordinator, Fetal Treatment Center