Pre-implantation Genetic Screening / Diagnosis Checklist Enhances IVF Patient Education

By NG Yuen Yee, Pauline, BSc (Hons) Nursing (HKU), MNurs (HKU), Post Graduate Diploma in Perioperative Nursing (Melbourne U), RN (Team Leader) IVF Centre


The purpose of this program is to create a checklist to help nurses working in IVF Centre to educate couples looking for pre-implantation genetic screening/ pre-implantation diagnosis (PGS/PGD).


In-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments are stressful for couples. Nurses should provide valuable information and support to couples; help them to understand the test or treatment and avoid misunderstandings. The number of couples looking for PGS/PGD is increasing to ensure that children are born healthy and there are fewer abnormal pregnancies. Nurses working in an IVF Centre are graduates from general nursing background. Specialty training is required but there is no specific training program to help nurses to educate couples looking for PGS/PGD currently.


A patient education checklist was developed and used for two weeks while educating patients about PGS/PGD.  IVF nurses’ perceptions regarding patient education about PGS/PGD were examined before and after using the checklist.


Promising result was found. The checklist was found to be an effective training tool for IVF nurses to educate patients about PGS/PGD.


IVF nurses believed that the checklist helped to improve their knowledge and competence. Completeness and consistency in patient education could also be ensured. Additional training was preferred probably because the implementation time was relatively short. Moreover similar checklists might be developed and applied to other patient education topics.