Nursing Quality

The Department of Nursing Quality provides data and resources for the Department of Nursing to continually advance nursing patient care excellence and satisfaction at UCSF Health.

Primary Activities

  • Providing the infrastructure for data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting of nurse sensitive quality indicators

  • Generating quality reports to the Department of Nursing and the Medical Center

  • Submission of nurse sensitive data to external benchmarking organizations

  • Providing support to implement corrective action plans to address quality report findings

  • Leading nurse-sensitive quality initiatives

  • Engaging and supporting direct-care nurses in performance improvement activities, including showcasing best practices

Nursing Quality

  • Eunice Chow, Quality Improvement Analyst

  • Edward L. Koo, Quality Improvement Analyst

  • Eric Shin, Quality Improvement Analyst

Nursing Quality Initiatives

Commitment to delivering excellent nursing care that is safe, effective, patient and family-centered, timely, efficient and equitable, the UCSF Department of Nursing’s Clinical InQuERI Model includes Quality Improvement.

Our nursing department strongly supports a structure of quality improvement.  Resources are specifically allocated to maintain a dedicated Nursing Performance Improvement Department and quality councils at the department and unit levels.  We have a robust reporting culture and report data internally throughout the organization and externally to benchmarking organizations.  Our nurse-sensitive quality indicators continue to outperform the national averages , indicating that the care we deliver is among the best performing hospitals in the nation.

The UCSF Medical Center Department of Nursing is committed to advancing clinical inquiry that answers a question, solves a problem, or investigates an issue and that leads to improved patient and family care. We believe a commitment to quality must be a nursing leadership and front-line staff priority. Front-line staff lead the way and participate in quality committees, such as the Fall Prevention Committee and the Pressure Ulcer Prevention Committee, and in the Clinical InQuERI Council and Nursing Performance Improvement Committees. The essential ingredients of nursing quality improvement at UCSF Medical Center include:

  • Front-line staff leading efforts

  • Utilizing innovative technology

  • Data transparency and analysis

Current Initiatives

Past Initiatives