The UCSF Medical Center Department of Nursing has a highly collaborative and synergistic relationship with the UCSF School of Nursing.  

[UCSF School of Nursing courtyard]

Separated by only a courtyard, Medical Center nursing staff and the School of Nursing faculty work closely on many joint research intiatives and patient and family care innovations.

Through participation on all housewide shared decision-making councils, world-renowned professors and researchers from the School of Nursing share their content expertise
As a commitment to fostering collaboration, several Collaborative Clinical Research Grants are awarded to School of Nursing faculty and Medical Center nurse teams annually
Medical Center nurses have participated on School of Nursing research teams, lending clinical expertise and entrée to a patient population/setting
Advanced Practice Nurses and Educators hold volunteer clinical and adjunct faculty appointments, which enable them to teach classes and work with graduate nursing students
Working as a career nursing employee at a minimum 50% career position offers the opportunity to  enjoy substantial savings as a UCSF School of Nursing student through fee reduction
The Medical Center serves as a vital research site for many School of Nursing research projects, as well as a training site for UCSF and other Bay Area Schools of Nursing
Medical Center nurses have the opportunity to receive ongoing professional development in the form of classes and workshops provided by UCSF School of Nursing faculty