Advancing Nurse Leaders: A Research Study to Psychometrically Test a Measure of Leadership Development Outcomes

Principal Co-Investigators

  • Ann Mayo, RN, DNSc – University of San Diego
  • Linda Searle Leach, RN, PhD – University of California Los Angeles
  • Virginia Terra-Hodge, RN, MS – University of California San Francisco

This research study will determine if two new surveys are strong and refined enough to be used in future research.  The surveys measure a nurse leader's development based on specific important job functions.

One version of the survey will be given to nurse leaders in California and the other to her/his employer.  A California nursing organization, Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL), has been offering a nursing leader development course for over five years.  The researcher will ask those participants and their employers to complete the testing of these two surveys.

Statistical tests, such as factor analysis and reliability and validity testing, will determine which items we will retain on the survey and if additional work is needed to strengthen the two surveys.

    Funded by American Association of Nurse Executives Seed Grant