Reducing Urinary Tract Infections in NICHE Hospitals

Principal Co-Investigators: 

  • Daphne Stannard, RN, PhD, CNS
  • Carla Graf, PhD (c), MS, RN, CNS

Additional Investigator: 

  • Sandra Ng MSN, RN-BC, Informaticist

Research staff:

  • Sherrie Christesen, RN, BSN, CN IV

This is a multisite study (including UCSF), cluster-randomized controlled trial of performance audit and feedback at NICHE hospitals. The University of Colorado is the prime grant holder of the coordinating center. The specific aims of the study are to implement and test a methodology for information technology supported surveillance of urinary catheter duration and CAUTIs. An audit and feedback intervention on catheter duration and CAUTIs will also be tested.