Individualizing Assessments of Risk to Reduce Falls in UC Hospitals

Principal Co-Investigators

  • Catherine Walsh, RN, MSN – UCLA Medical Center
  • Teryl Nuckols, MD, MSHS – UCLA Medical Center
  • Carla Graf, RN, MD, CNS-BC – UCSF Medical Center

Falls during hospitalization can lead to serious injuries and death. Consequently, policymakers have developed robust incentives for hospitals to reduce falls.

After UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center (RRMC) implemented a new innovation in 2010, the 5P Fall Prevention Method, falls declined by 30%.  The primary objective of this project is to have nurses at Santa Monica Medical Center (SMMC) and UCSF Moffitt-Long Hospital Complex (UCSF) critically and uniformly incorporate the fifth “P” (Preventing Falls) into their current hourly rounding practices, thereby assessing individual patients’ risks of falling and mitigating those risks on an ongoing basis during hospitalization. A secondary objective is to improve collaboration among providers with the ability to influence fall risk during hospitalization. 

Funded by University of California Office of the President Collaborative Research Grant